Singer/Songwriter and Musician
My aim as a songwriter is to touch people’s hearts, whether to motivate or to contemplate, I write my songs with the purpose of layered messages that entice the listener to find their place in the world.

My influences spawned my love for the acoustic guitar. As I grew to find my own taste in music, the early songs I listened to were filtered with ideology for a better world. My passion has enabled me to see and do my best to reveal the beautiful, colourful, realm of sound which I am privileged to explore. Searching to reveal the ‘light through the darkness’, my discovery of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ has opened up life to ‘endless possibility’. I would love to share that vision, through my passion for music, to help inspire anyone who wishes to challenge themselves to reach for their goals. Please listen, it is a gift I wish to share. ….. Let it be the starting point of all you can achieve.

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